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New Use Innovation

Over the past 18 years, this competition has generated a number of products ranging from the quirky to practical. Some products have spurred further research and some have been patented, while others have been commercialized by private industry partners. Below is a short sampling of successful products from past competitions and their current stage of commercialization.

Soy-based leather conditioner – A soy-based leather conditioner has been licensed to a company that is working on developing a commercial product.

3D printer filament - ISA is currently seeking partners to work on developing the 3D printer filament.

Soy candle wax – Replacing petroleum oil with soybean oil in the production of soy candles was the state's first major commercialized product. This came about because of a Purdue student’s idea for the Student Soybean Innovation Competition. Currently, ISA holds six patents on soy wax in candles.  

Soy crayons – The first new crayons in more than 100 years, the ISA worked with Dixon-Ticonderoga to co-develop this product under the Prang brand, making it available in stores everywhere.

Soy pharmaceutical pill binding agent – This innovative idea launched a full scale university research project at Purdue and is currently in the predevelopment stage. The main advantages of manufacturing this product from soy over current comparable products are: using high drug loading with roller compaction, elimination of a processing step and using a less expensive material for the binder/filler in the formulation.

Soy clay pigeons – The ISA currently has patents pending for this product and is seeking partners to continue development and commercialization.


Soy gelatin – Several patents have been issued for this product and the ISA is currently looking to identify a manufacturer in order to enter production.

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