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There are two primary state agencies that handle the permitting and regulations for Indiana fish farmers: Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Indiana Board of Animal Health (BOAH). The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) may also have oversight depending on the size of an operation. New Indiana fish farmers should contact the Indiana DNR first to help them determine what permits they will need. Every state has its own set of regulations farmers must follow, as well as their own permitting system. The information provided below is specific to Indiana. If you are outside of Indiana, please be sure to check with your own state for specific regulations.
The following material can be used as a starting point for getting involved in aquaculture. Visit Fish Farming Resources to access other useful resources.

2008 Permit Guidelines.doc

Aquaculture Workshop Aquaculture Permit.doc

Aquaculture Workshop Fish Haulers.doc

FishHauler's and Supplier's License.pdf

Indiana Aquaculture Permit Application.pdf

Indiana Permits.doc




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