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Indiana Livestock


This study was meant to be an additional tool — rather than the sole reference point — for county officials, providing access to locally relevant information with respect to land-use planning. It offers the ability to weigh potential costs and benefits of how land is evaluated and allocated to assist with:

  • Developing comprehensive plans or approving changes in zoning
  • Maintaining a healthy mix of land uses in your county for people to live and work
  • Preserving and protecting lands essential to revenue generating agricultural uses

This study provides the first-ever look at the fiscal contribution of different land uses in nearly all Indiana counties (91 in total).

Key Findings

Agricultural land has an overall positive impact on Indiana communities, as agriculture pays more in revenues than the costs it imposes or the services it receives.

See more key findings in the quick reference guide.

More Information

Researcher: Larry DeBoer, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Full Study

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