In good hands

The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) board of directors is made up of 24 volunteer farmers who govern the organization’s use of checkoff and non-checkoff funds. These directors are elected on a statewide basis and represent four districts.

Directors are elected for a three-year term and elections take place every summer.

The board also has 11 ex-officio and non-voting members.

District I

Nancy Cline, Kirklin
Kendell Culp, Rensselaer
Jeanette Merritt, Peru
Dave Rodibaugh, Rensselaer
Denise Scarborough, LaCrosse
Joe Tulholski, LaPorte

District II

CJ Chalfant, Hartford City
Matthew Chapman, Springport
John Emmert, Ligonier
Elaine Gillis, Dunkirk
Tom Griffiths, Kendallville
Don Wyss, Fort Wayne

District III

Martin Evans, Terre Haute
Levi Huffman, Lafayette
Mark Legan, Coatsville
Gary McDaniel, Boonville
Derika Lynam-Spaetti, Evansville
Craig Williams, Oaktown

District IV

Roger Bommer, Brookville
Jim Douglas, Flat Rock
Mike Koehne, Greensburg
Keevin Lemenager, Monrovia
Phil Ramsey, Shelbyville
Anngie Steinbarger, Edinburgh

Ex-Officio and Non-Voting Members

USB Director: Tom Griffiths, Kendallville
USB Director: Dave Lowe, Dunkirk
USB Director: Mark Seib, Poseyville
USB Director: Kevin Wilson, Walton
ASA Director: Kendell Culp, Rensselaer
ASA Director: Joseph Steinkamp, Evansville

Indiana Corn Marketing Council: Mike Beard, Frankfort
Indiana Corn Growers Association: Sarah Delbecq, Auburn
Purdue University: John Baugh, West Lafayette
Purdue University: Marshall Martin, West Lafayette
Dreyfus Commodities: Jeremy Mullins, Claypool
Dept. of Agriculture: Bruce Kettler, Westfield
Farm Bureau: Kevin Underwood, Indianapolis
Buyers and Warehouse Licensing: Ed Sheldon, Indianapolis

Interested in getting involved? Learn more about our election process and leadership opportunities.

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ISA Committees 

The ISA also elects members to fill six committees. These committees are focused on specific initiatives, including governance, budget and finance as well as market supply and demands. See our full list of committee members below.

Executive Committee

  • Tom Griffiths, Chairman
  • Joe Tuholski, Vice Chairman
  • Anngie Steinbarger, Secretary
  • Dave Rodibaugh, Treasurer
  • Jim Douglas, Committee Chair
  • Elaine Gillis, Committee Chair
  • Phil Ramsey, Committee Chair
  • Staff: Jane Ade Stevens, Chantel Rammel, Chris Weldon

Grain Production & Utilization Committee

  • Jim Douglas, Chair
  • David Rodibaugh
  • Don Wyss
  • Joe Tuholski
  • John Emmert
  • Keevin Lemenager
  • Kendell Culp
  • Mark Legan
  • Matt Chapman
  • Mike Koehne
  • Nancy Cline
  • Phil Ramsey
  • Ex Officios: Bruce Kettler, Ed Sheldon, Jeremy Mullins, Marshall Martin
  • Staff: Ed Ebert, Andy Tauer, Aly Wells, Julie Ohmen, Ken Parrent, Robyn Shelley

Marketing & Communication Committee

  • Elaine Gills, Chair
  • Anngie Steinbarger
  • CJ Chalfant
  • Craig Williams
  • Denise Scarborough
  • Derika Lynam-Spaetti
  • Gary McDaniel
  • Jeanette Merritt
  • Levi Huffman
  • Roger Bommer
  • Ex Officios: Dave Lowe, Joe Steinkamp, Mark Seib, Kevin Wilson
  • Staff:Melanie Fitzpatrick, Hannah Vorsilak, Melanie Batalis, Steve Howell, Lauren Taylor, Liz Kelsay, Cory Harris

Governance Committee

  • Anngie Steinbarger, Chair
  • Dave Rodibaugh
  • Elaine Gillis
  • Keevin Lemenager
  • Matt Chapman
  • Nancy Cline
  • Roger Bommer

  • Staff: Jane Ade Stevens, Chris Weldon, Hannah Vorsilak

Membership & Policy Committee

  • Phil Ramsey, Chair
  • Anngie Steinbarger
  • Craig Williams
  • David Lowe
  • David Rodibaugh
  • Denise Scarborough
  • Don Wyss
  • Elaine Gillis
  • Gary McDaniel
  • Jeanette Merritt
  • Jim Douglas
  • Joe Tuholski
  • Keevin Lemenager
  • Kendell Culp
  • Levi Huffman
  • Matt Chapman
  • Mike Koehne
  • Nancy Cline
  • Roger Bommer
  • Tom Griffiths
  • Ex Officios: John Baugh, Sarah Delbecq
  • Staff:Melanie Fitzpatrick, Steve Howell, 

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Dave Rodibaugh, Chair
  • Phil Ramsey – Grain Production & Utilization
  • Joe Steinkamp – Membership & Policy
  • Roger Bommer – Marketing & Communications
  • Staff: Jane Ade Stevens, Anna McConnell, Chantel Rammel