A look back at the last 50 years of soybean success in Indiana

Since 1991, the Indiana Soybean Alliance has served the needs of soybean farmers across Indiana. Today, it values a long history, knowing that it is continuing its legacy of helping improve profitability for all farmers. The rest is history; see for yourself below.

The Indiana Soybean Growers Association is formed to advocate for soybean farmers on important industry issues.


Eighty-five members attended the first annual meeting of the Indiana Soybean Growers Association.


Twenty-six states passed soybean checkoff legislation. Indiana and Ohio are the only two soybean producing states without soybean checkoff programs.


Congress passed the Farm Bill, which included a provision for a Soybean Promotion and Research Checkoff.


The soybean checkoff is approved and the Indiana Soybean Development Council opens its office in Lebanon, Ind. A board of 18 farmers is elected.


Soy-based crayons win the first Soybean Student Innovation Competition at Purdue University.


The soybean checkoff refund program is discontinued. Many farmers lobbied against refunds saying that it was not fair that some farmers paid the checkoff while others received refunds.


The Indiana Soybean Development Council creates a soybean science kit and places it in 100 Indiana elementary schools.


The Indiana Soybean Development Council changes its name to the Indiana Soybean Board. As a part of the change, the board of directors expands to 36 farmers and a staff, which was employed by the Indiana Soybean Growers Association, is now employed by the checkoff-funded board.

  • The Indiana Soybean Development Council and Dixon-Ticonderoga host the national soybean crayon launch.

The Indiana Soybean Board introduces the first soy-based candle at the Farm Progress Show in Windfall, Ind.


The Indiana Soybean Board signs a contract with Alltrista Consumer Products Company allowing Alltrista to take over the soybean candle business.

  • Based on years of checkoff-funded research, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announces the soy health claim which changes the way soy foods are labeled.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announces that it will not conduct a referendum on the soybean checkoff. Less than three percent of U.S. soybean farmers signed a request for referendum form; less than the 10 percent needed to push the program into a referendum.


CystX germplasm is launched at the Farm Progress Show in Lafayette, Ind. Discovered by checkoff-funded researchers, CystX is the first new SCN-resistant germplasm in 25 years.

  • The Indiana soybean checkoff celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Farmer-directors regularly visit legislators in D.C. to advocate for issues regarding the Farm Bill, biodiesel and more.

  • Indiana farmers sign Soy Gelatin contract with California company.

Hamilton County schools cut bus emissions by switching to soy-based fuel.


ISB sponsors Mideast Conference in Istanbul.


Hoosiers have consumed almost 50 million gallons of soy biodiesel to power Indiana school buses, farm equipment and more.

  • ISB releases new strategic plan with the addition of livestock to the soybean checkoff programs
  • Bartholomew County goes “green” with biodiesel
  • Indiana Corn organizations sign management agreement with Soybean Board
  • Cargill named exclusive licensee for Indiana Soybean Board’s candle patent technology

Two hundred and fifty farmers sign the Declaration of Energy Independence.

  • Indiana begins producing biodiesel
  • Hoosiers declare “Energy Dependence Day” with one-of-a-kind “Biofuels Island”
  • Indiana soybean farmers’ grant helps worldwide avian influenza campaign
  • Soybean Quality Rewards program offered at two Indiana sites

The Indiana Soybean Board and the Indiana Soybean Growers Association merge to form the Indiana Soybean Alliance. The board is composed of 24 volunteer farmers.

  • ISB board member, Roger Hadley, is awarded ASA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dr. Bernie Tao, Purdue University, receives USB National Soybean Utilization award

The world’s largest integrated soy biodiesel facility, Louis Dreyfus, opens its doors in Claypool, Ind.


Bell Aquaculture, the nation’s largest yellow perch aquaculture farm, opens its doors.


ISA travels to Alaska to test Permaflo Technology.

  • ISA partners with the Indianapolis Colts to develop Hoosier Horsepower educational program

ISA implements new five-year strategic plan for FY11-FY15.


Soybean farmers host the “Year of the Soybeans” at the Indiana State Fair


Built to educate consumers about today’s farms and where their food comes from, the Glass Barn opens at the Indiana State Fair.


The Indiana Soybean Alliance celebrates its 50th anniversary.

  • Indiana Corn and Soybean Phenotyping Center dedicated.


*Formerly the Indiana Soybean Growers Association and the Indiana Soybean Board