Livestock & Aquaculture


Together, Indiana’s pigs, poultry, beef and dairy cattle are the number one consumer of Indiana’s soybeans.

What's the benefit? Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) invests checkoff dollars to focus on international markets, research and regulation education when it comes to the state’s livestock industry.

Livestock and poultry farmers not only use the soybeans to feed their animals, but they also help support rural communities by generating tax revenue and creating jobs.

ISA also focuses on international markets, research, and regulation education when it comes to livestock. It also works hard to make sure livestock producers have the best resources available if they choose to locate in Indiana.

Checkoff dollars at work

The ISA, along with six livestock and livestock-supporting organizations in Indiana, have teamed up to create the Farmers Deliver campaign. This campaign was created to help engage Indiana community members and leaders in conversations to alleviate misperceptions regarding Indiana’s livestock industry and support Indiana’s livestock farmers and, ultimately, Indiana’s soybean farmers.

As a top producer of soybeans, an essential ingredient of livestock feed, it makes sense that livestock farmers are expanding their operations close to this valuable input. ISA invests soybean checkoff dollars to educate local decision makers about the benefits of adding livestock to their community.

New and current livestock farms contribute revenue, taxes and quality jobs to a community. Learn more about Indiana’s livestock farmers at

The Indiana Soybean Alliance funded a study from Purdue University on the Cost of Community Services for Indiana Counties and School Corporations. This study compares local government service costs to revenue collected across three different property sectors- residential, business and agriculture. While previous studies have used a single set of cost shares for distributing resources among the three sector, this study provides seven different cost share allocations, or alternatives to help local governments evaluate which scenario is most similar to their county.
Read the research study here.

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Checkoff dollars at work

Indiana soybean farmers are committed to finding sustainable markets and uses for the soybeans they produce. With aquaculture being the fastest growing use for soybean meal worldwide, ISA is investing checkoff dollars to fund fish feed research trials and help build our state’s aquaculture industry. Furthermore, ISA is also partnering with public and private industries to allow new and current fish producers to develop their businesses.

2021 Nutrient Calendar 

Each year the ISA, Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Purdue Extension team up to provide free nutrient management record-keeping calendars to all Confined Feeding Operations across the state.

These calendars are designed to help with the record-keeping process for any species and any producer and to help with future planning. The calendar has space for daily, weekly, monthly and annual records, including:

  • Rainfall and waterline inspections
  • Reminders to check lagoon marker readings
  • Inspection dates for manure storage facilities
  • Application dates/location of manure and/or wastewater
  • Crops harvested from each field

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