New Use Innovation

The future of Indiana’s soybeans begins today

Indiana soybean farmers are leaders in identifying and commercializing innovative new uses of soybeans.

Soybeans provide a "greener" alternative for many of the products you use every day, and when companies develop new products made from soybeans, they create another market for millions of bushels of soybeans each year.

What's the benefit? The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) works with product development companies, entrepreneurs and universities to identify, develop, and commercialize new soybean uses that have significant market demand impact for Indiana soybean farmers.

ISA is also working hard to promote the many advantages of soy-based products, such as soy crayons, concrete sealer and soy wax, all of which originated from Indiana soybean checkoff efforts.

Several soybean new uses have come from Purdue students thanks to the ISA-sponsored Student Soybean Innovation Competition that is held each year. It’s held as a way to introduce students to soybeans and their potential, as well as a way to find creative, innovative new uses for soy.

Tell me more about current soy-based products...

Replacing petroleum oil with soybean oil in the production of soy candles was the state's first major commercialized product. This came about because of a Purdue student’s entry in the Student Soybean Innovation Competition. Currently, ISA holds six patents on soy wax in candles. 

In 1994, Indiana soybean farmers and Purdue University students brought soy crayons to the marketplace through the Student Soybean Innovation Competition. The petroleum oil used in crayons is replaced with soybean oil, making it a better product for artists to use.

ISA has been sponsoring research at Purdue University's Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Civil Engineering Departments focused on using soy-based products to develop a bio-based concrete sealer. Soy-based concrete sealer has the power to effectively stop fluid penetration from rain. It has also demonstrated positive qualities for adding durability and service life to concrete as it reduces chloride (road salt) penetration.

The United Soybean Board’s online quick guide will help you source and buy the latest soybean products.

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