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ISA and ICGA Legislative Breakfast draws a record crowd of hungry lawmakers with the lure of bacon


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ISA and ICGA Legislative Breakfast draws a record crowd of hungry lawmakers with the lure of bacon


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 13, 2019) — The Indiana Corn Growers Association (ICGA) and the Indiana Soybean Alliance Membership and Policy Committee (ISA M&P) advocated for Indiana livestock, supported expanded broadband and discussed farmer commitment to soil nutrient management at its annual legislative breakfast, dubbed this year as the Bacon Bar and Brunch. Aided by the aroma of fresh bacon wafting through the Indiana Statehouse halls, the Tuesday, Feb. 12 event enticed House and Senate lawmakers, staff and agricultural stakeholders to join in the conversation.


ICMC and ISA M&P served seven kinds of bacon including duck, beef, turkey, candied, chipotle raspberry, jalapeño and, of course, traditional pork bacon. Attendees enjoyed the flavor variety, but clearly favored the pork bacon, which disappeared before the end of the event.


“By featuring bacon at the legislative breakfast, we highlighted the No. 1 customer of Indiana soybean and corn growers,” said Phil Ramsey, a soybean grower from Shelby County, Ind. and the chair of ISA M&P. “A healthy Indiana livestock sector means healthy Indiana farms and a healthy Indiana economy.”


Pork, beef and poultry production serve as major drivers of the Indiana farm economy, and the farmers who work these operations are key partners of the Hoosier corn and soybean growers who provide their feed. Indiana livestock consumes 95 percent of all soybean meal and 40 percent of all corn produced in the state.


ICGA and ISA M&P rely on sponsors and membership dollars to advocate on behalf of Hoosier farmers. This event was sponsored by Corteva Agriscience, Farm Credit Mid-America, Indiana Beef Cattle Association, Indiana Pork Producers Association, Indiana State Poultry Association, Indiana Dairy Producers, Maple Leaf Farms as well as the Indiana soybean and corn checkoffs.


In the advocacy arena, the ICGA and the ISA M&P oppose several bills proposed in this year’s Indiana General Assembly that would restrict the livestock sector. These include:

  • HB 1044 — This bill expands residential, water supply and reservoir/lake setback requirements for confined feeding operations (CFO). The bill establishes new residential setbacks for exhaust systems that remove air from a CFO. The bill also restricts hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia and particulate matter in the ambient air near a CFO.
  • HB 1378 and SB 593 — These bills significantly change CFO regulations. These proposals expand the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM) authority to deny new or modified CFO permits if the CFO would endanger public health or the environment. IDEM would be required to monitor for e-coli and other pathogens.


Non-livestock-related legislation also caught the eye of the ISA M&P and ICGA. The advocacy groups support increased funding for the state’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts through HB 1001. The conservation districts help farmers reduce soil and nutrient loss.


Additionally, ICGA and ISA M&P support expanded broadband coverage to all of Indiana. Corn and soybean farmers use advanced technology to boost productivity and sustainability. Expanded broadband coverage aids advanced technology. Several bills, including HB1395, SB460, SB461, SB526 and SB 617, provide opportunities to expand broadband into rural areas.


“The Bacon Bar and Brunch offered farmers the chance to continue to build important relationships with their legislators,” said ICGA President Sarah Delbecq, who farms in rural DeKalb County, Ind. “These conversations do not have to be all about bill numbers and committee hearings. Instead, it can be about getting to know each other, sharing your knowledge of agriculture, or inviting them to visit the farm. At the end of the day, we want each elected official to have a network of farmers they can turn to for advice and expertise.”


Visit to follow all pieces of legislation during this session.


The Indiana Soybean Alliance works to enhance the viability of Indiana soybean farmers through the effective and efficient investment of soybean checkoff funds and the development of sound policies that protect and promote the interest of Indiana soybean farmers. The ISA is working to build new markets for soybeans through the promotion of grain marketing, livestock, aquaculture, production research, biofuels, environmental programs, and new uses for soybeans. ISA is led by an elected farmer board that directs investments of the soybean checkoff funds on behalf of more than 28,000 Indiana soybean farmers and promotes policies on behalf of the nearly 600 dues paying members. Learn more at


The Indiana Corn Growers Association, which works with the state and federal governments to develop and promote sound policies that benefit Indiana corn farmers, consists of 9 farmer-directors who provide leadership to the organization on behalf of the nearly 600 ICGA members statewide. Learn more at


This communications was NOT funded with Indiana soybean or Indiana corn checkoff dollars.

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