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Soy-based hydroseeding technology wins Indiana Soybean Alliance annual New Uses Competition

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 22, 2018) — A soy-based tackifier for hydroseeding captured first place at this year’s Student Soybean Product Innovation Competition sponsored by Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) and Purdue University. The contest encourages Purdue University students to develop novel applications for soybeans that meet a market need. This year’s winner, Team SoyTack, took home the first-place award for a soy-based hydroseeding technology.


“The Student Soybean Innovation Competition highlights two of Indiana’s greatest assets: soybeans and our innovative students at Purdue,” said Jim Douglas, farmer from Flat Rock, Ind. and ISA grain marketing and utilization committee chair. “ISA is always looking for innovative uses for our soybeans that meet market needs. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Purdue students to meet this goal and we are excited about the hydroseeding product developed by Team SoyTack.”


The winning product is a soy-based tackifier for hydroseeding technology. Hydroseeding, often used for turf and small grains, utilizes water as a carrier for the seed and the nutrients. Typically, mulch, seed, adhesive and water are combined into a solution and applied to a location where the seed is meant to grow. Team SoyTack’s winning technology utilizes soy components as an adhesive ingredient, or tackifier, for the hydroseeding process.



Team SoyTack members include: Terence Babb, a multidisciplinary engineering major from Lafayette, Ind.; Susan Hubbard, a biological engineering major from West Lafayette, Ind.; Jacob Semonis, an agricultural economics and agronomy major from Warsaw, Ind.; and Christopher Stichter, an agricultural systems management major from Leesburg, Ind. The SoyTack team received a $20,000 prize for their first-place entry.


Representing Team SoyTack, Jacob Semonis said, “The idea for this project happened sitting in a coffee shop talking with farmers in about erosion issues. We decided we wanted to figure out how we could use soy products to help fight erosion.” 


Thirty-eight Purdue students representing 11 teams participated in this year’s competition.

The second-place award of $10,000 went to Team I am BOBA for developing soy-based pearls for bubble tea. The third-place award of $1,500 went to Team Soy Soft for innovating a charcoal face mask infused with beta carotene. The people’s choice award of $500 went to Team Soy Safe Solution for a soy-based food spray to extend shelf life for fruits and vegetables.


Sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance, the annual Student Soybean Innovation Competition introduces Purdue students to the multi-faceted uses and vast potential of soybeans while drawing on students’ creativity to develop new products that utilize soy. Following the competition, ISA will work to develop the products, evaluate long-term feasibility and commercialization viability. Previous contest winners include SoyFoliate, soy-based exfoliating beads for personal products, and Soy Sniffs, a soy-based air freshener as well as the ever-popular soy crayons and soy candles.


Student teams began work on their projects in September 2017, developing and testing their ideas along with completing market research reports for their products. The products were judged by soybean farmers, marketing specialists and scientists at Purdue University on March 6.


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